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Why Put a Red Cup Under Toilet Seat at Night?

There are many home improvement tips that people may carelessly not notice. One such tip is to put a red cup under the toilet seat at night. You’re probably wondering why this is important, and here’s some insight.

If you happen to see a red cup under your toilet seat, don’t worry! You’re not the first person to think it’s there because someone forgot their toilet paper. There are actually many purposes for this hack: it warns the owner if their TP is out or if an animal has reached their pipes and headed in your direction.

It’s worth reading the rest of this article if you’re wondering whether or not it’s worth doing. You’ll know why you put a red cup under the toilet seat at night.

5 Reasons to Put a Red Cup Under Toilet Seat at Night?

1) There’s No Toilet Paper

Have you ever been in the bathroom and realized you don’t have toilet paper? (Read: What to Do When There’s No Toilet Paper in a Public Restroom) It can happen because it’s tough to resist the urge to expel your bowels. You fail to check if the toilet paper is present before sitting on the throne. Even during the daytime, people place an upside-down cup under the seat to let others know there’s no toilet paper.

Why would someone use this sentence below, with the red cup being an obvious object? This will save you time and frustration since you won’t have to look for toilet paper in case of a piss or shit emergency.

toilet Hygienic

2) Hygienic Purposes

A toilet seat with a red plastic cup can keep you germ-free whether you’re at home or out and about. When it’s time to use the public bathroom, lift the seat like this – place your foot on the bowl floor and pop up part of the seat with your leg. To avoid catching germs in public toilet seats, many people are switching to a red cup toilet seat. This setting reduces the need to touch anything when you’re going to take a seat.

It can be hard to get up when nature calls if you’ve had a big dinner and you’re not wearing your contact lenses. And if you have a dog who likes to wake up your wife by jumping on the bed at night? You might consider putting that red cup on the toilet seat as a reminder. But beware: doing this is an urban legend-if you live in New York City, no alligators are lurking in the sewers. But they can be easily transported into your toilet if you live in Florida.

3) For intruders

The last thing you expect to see while on the toilet is a snake – or anything else that crawls. If you live in Florida, it’s not uncommon for alligators to break into your toilet and slip away unnoticed into the sewers beneath the city.

Why would you use the red cup trick when you’re in this situation? You’ll know something’s tipped the cup if there is no toilet seat in front of it. It’s practiced at night because that’s when you don’t know what could happen while you’re asleep. Once the red cup drops and hits the ground, there will be a loud banging sound.

4) Measuring Urine Excreted

If a person has a medical condition that requires measuring their urine, they can put a red cup under the toilet seat and wait. This will cue them to measure their urine.

You should not use the color of the cup you drink out of to measure your urine because it doesn’t necessarily correlate with your ability to hold your bladder, even if people have been telling you all these years that it does.

5) To train your child to use the toilet

It can be difficult to teach young kids how to use the toilet. One way that’s been proven effective is placing a red cup under the toilet seat as a visual aid.

It’s not just the parents who are responsible for keeping the toilet seat clean. That’s where a red cup comes in handy. Simply place it on top of the seat and remind your child that they need to lift up, so they don’t accidentally get urine all over the place.

Should I put the red cup or a toilet paper roll?

You may have seen posts where people recommend putting an empty toilet paper roll under the toilet seat instead of a red cup. But is it worth it?

It depends on your intent. For example, if you use this trick to point out that the toilet paper is empty, both the red cup and exclamation point will do. However, if you intend to get a person’s attention as best as possible, the color of the exclamation point makes it more likely that they’ll see it.

It may not seem like a big deal, but the color of your cup can affect people’s perception of your drink. For example, red is a powerful color that gets people’s attention and has been popular for a while now. This attention-grabbing color will benefit children and older adults more than other colors.

Why should I put a red solo cup under my toilet seat?

A red cup under the toilet seat might seem like a ridiculous idea. But it’s not that silly– there are good reasons to use this trick. Should you have one cup or two, though?

Some people might use two cups to either place the toilet seat down securely or to store things. But for most situations, this will not be necessary and can end up being detrimental.

For instance, if you have two cups instead of one, it will be harder for a child to remove and use the toilet.

Most people require just one cup, but it is possible that more cups may be necessary.


This trick, though not new, can be very much worth it. You just put a red cup under the toilet brushes to keep them from holding odor. If you need to use a red cup for any of the reasons we mentioned, we think it would be helpful for you to try one out.


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